CareGlance S.r.l.
Ultrafast photonic devices for biomedical applications

Startup Mission

The target mission of CareGlance is to break into international market with an innovative device enabling ultrafast and portable eye desease diagnosys and followup. CareGlance also aims to boost economical and occupational impact on its geographical area.



The core product is an ultrafast swept source for optical coherent tomography (OCT) systems, granting real-time (1 MHz) operation and compactness. The developed technology is based on a micro-optics based tunable external cavity laser approach: it will also enable real-time surgery with 3D istantaneous imaging of tissues under surgical procedures.


The founders join together their long-standing technical experience in photonics, electronics and healthcare startup experience, with the help of known-in-the-field external collaboration with italian and international consultants and companies.


If you have any question to ask, or you are interested in collaborating, please select Contacts in the top menu. Also potential customers developing systems for OCT are invited to contact us and discuss about their "wish list"!